Let Us Help Equip Your Business for Success

Having access to the right equipment can increase your productivity and help your business to grow. Sautelet Commercial Finance offers equipment financing so you can get the tools, machinery, and vehicles your business needs.

Financing for Almost Any Type of Equipment

We are familiar with financing various types of business equipment, including everything from bulldozers and computers to software, backhoes, trucking fleets, medical equipment, and more. Our team will work with you to understand your equipment needs and we can have your application processed in as few as 24 hours. There are several reasons to give us the pleasure of handling your equipment financing needs:

  • Enjoy superior rates.
  • You’ll have as many as 84 months to repay your financing (as long as your business has been up and running for at least two years).
  • No or little down payment.
  • We offer a number of repayment structures for your convenience.

Equipment Financing for New Businesses

If you own a business that has been operating for two years or less, we offer a startup program that’s geared specifically toward up-and-coming businesses in need of the right equipment without compromise.

We also offer a sale leaseback program so you can leverage the equity value of your equipment for working capital. We will purchase your equipment in exchange for capital. You still retain use of the equipment and simply lease it back from us until the balance is repaid.

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