Financial Assistance for Small Businesses

Many small businesses would rather avoid taking on extra debt through traditional loans. That’s why Sautelet Commercial Finance offers a merchant cash advance, or MCA, for businesses like yours. Sautelet Commercial Finance understands your needs and works with you to meet your goals.

The Benefits of an MCA

An MCA is a great alternative to a loan from a bank and can even be granted to companies without a perfect credit score, which makes a merchant cash advance more accessible than traditional loans. On top of that, the payback method is easy and requires very little on your part. Rather than make a fixed payment every month, a percentage of your credit card sales are used to repay the loan. The more money you make, the faster the loan is repaid.

You can use the money you receive in a variety of ways, including for supplies, inventory, and advertising. Your business can enjoy the following benefits our MCA financing offers:

  • Free application
  • Very little paperwork
  • No loss of equity
  • No collateral required
  • Up to $200,000 per business location
  • Convenient low payments

Contact Us to Learn More

If your small business needs extra capital, we have the solution. Get in touch with Sautelet Commercial Finance today to speak with our team about a merchant cash advance and we can get you started on an application immediately.