Is Purchase Order Financing a Good Investment for Your Business?

If you own a company that sells goods, you must be able to purchase the merchandise in order to resell it, or the raw materials for manufacturing. To take on large or unexpected orders, you will need to access extra capital to fill those requests and maintain your regular production. Sautelet Commercial Finance offers purchase order financing to help businesses of all sizes thrive and position themselves for growth.

Who Benefits From a Purchase Order Loan?

A purchase order loan allows companies to obtain merchandise to resell as well as materials needed for production. It is an ideal avenue of financing for manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, producers and distributors and works for exports, imports and domestic items. By securing this type of loan, you can free up the cash you have on hand for other needs and guarantee that you can fill orders even when business is slow.

What Are the Advantages of a Purchase Order Loan?

Purchase order financing is a flexible type of funding. You can use the money you receive to obtain inventory and materials, and you also earn the following benefits when you secure a purchase order loan from Sautelet Commercial Finance.

  • Gives you access to quick, flexible funding
  • Allows you to make deliveries on time
  • Helps you fill large and unexpected orders
  • Allows for rapid growth
  • Expands your market share

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