An Extra Source of Working Capital

Every business can use a reliable source of working capital to maintain and grow operations. Sautelet Commercial Finance works with organizations just like yours to provide unsecured business lines of credit.

Advantages of Unsecured Lines of Credit

Whether you are an established company, a new startup, or only a year or two into the business world, a line of credit can be a valuable asset in your industry. When a good deal suddenly becomes available, chances are you will want to take advantage of the opportunity. That is why a line of credit can be important for businesses of all sizes. New and small businesses can often secure $25,000, while an established business can expect a line of credit of at least $100,000. Some of the advantages of unsecured business lines of credit include:

  • Good rates
  • No collateral if you qualify
  • Great credit lines
  • Options for repayment terms

Call Us Today

Sautelet Commercial Finance can begin your paperwork today. We offer a pre-qualification that requires a $45 credit check and generally takes less than 10 minutes. A no-obligation phone call with one of our representatives can begin the process of getting unsecured business lines of credit for your company.